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Early Years Foundation Stage

Every child deserves the best possible start in life. The support we offer enables them to fulfil their individual potential. We ensure your child is ready for school by giving them a broad range of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for good future progress.

Every child is unique 
We understand that each child is unique and that they all have different qualities that make them special. We offer a caring environment where each child can develop at their own rate, where they can feel safe and protected and where their individuality and personality can develop. We achieve this with flexible routines, full inclusion and a wide range of activities/resources that allow your child’s emotional, mental & social wellbeing can progress successfully.

Positive relationships
At our nursery, each child has their own key person who is responsible for making them feel safe and cared for. Each Key person works with parents and carers to ensure a positive impact on childrens learning and development. We respect the feelings of parents and carers working to develop successful relationships with the child and their families, ensuring all needs, preferences and any concerns are taken into account.

The right environment
Our children play, learn and develop in an environment that has a wide range of easily accessible age appropriate toys and activities. These resources support children's learning and development in the prime and specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. As a result, children gain a good range of skills necessary to prepare them for school when the time comes. Children are encouraged in their imaginative play through the use of open-ended resources that can be used in many ways, and resources that support their understanding of the world they live in.